James Davenport

Spouse: Almira Phelps



  • Date: May 1, 1802
  • Place: Danville, Caledonia, VT, USA


  • Father: Davenport, Squire, Jr.
  • Mother: Kittridge, Sarah


  • Date: July 23, 1883
  • Place: Richmond, Cache, UT, USA
  • Alternate Date: 1885
  • Burial Date: July 25, 1883
  • Buried: Richmond, Cache, UT, USA

Marriage Information:

  • Spouse: Phelps, Almira
  • Alternate Spouse: Davenport, Almira
  • Date: September 4, 1822
  • Place: Olean, Cattaraugus, NY, USA
  • Alternate Place: Oleion Point, Cattaraugus, NY, USA


Name: Birthdate: Place:

  1. Davenport, Mary Mariah     February 27, 1824 Covington, Genesee, NY, USA
  2. Davenport, John Squire     February 25, 1826 Granger, Hardin, KY, USA
  3. Davenport, Almon                1828 IN, USA
  4. Davenport, Alfred Phelps     November 5, 1832 Granger, Medina, OH, USA
  5. Davenport, Martha Ann         October 14, 1834 Granger, Medina, OH, USA
  6. Davenport, Sarah Mariah     November 22, 1836 Fenton, Genesee, MI
  7. Davenport, Lucinda Melissa July 1, 1838 Farmington, Oakland, MI, USA
  8. Davenport, James Nephi     August 14, 1841 Walnut Grove, Knox, IL, USA
  9. Davenport, Annett                 September 2, 1843 McDonough County, IL, USA
  10. Davenport, Heber                 December 14, 1845 Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA
  11. Davenport, Almira                 March 11, 1847 Winter Quarters, Douglas, NE, USA

Marriage Number 2

  • Date: July 26, 1852

Church Ordinance Data:

  • Baptism Date: July 1835
  • Ordained Seventy

Temple Ordinance Data:

  • Baptism Date: November 3, 1964
  • Endowment Date: December 31, 1845 Temple: Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA
  • Sealed to Parents Date: May 7, 1937 Temple: Mesa, Maricopa, AZ, USA
  • Sealed to Spouse Date: February 3, 1846 Temple: Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA

Places of Residence:

  • Pottowattamie County, IA, USA 1840
  • Richmond, Cache, UT, USA


  • Dairy


  • In 1860, James had a household of 5 with $130 in real wealth and $200 in personal wealth.

Comments: #2

  • James Davenport was one of the first pioneers to Utah.
  • He came with Brigham Young's first company of 148 people.
  • He was chosen to ferry men over the Platte River. (Fort Casper, Casper Wyo??)

James came to Utah with Brigham Young’s first company in 1847.

His name is engraved on the monument at Salt Lake City.

He made several trips across the plains to help bring the saints.

James was born in Danville, Caledonia, Vermont on 1 May 1892.

He was married to Almira Phelps 4 September 1822.

He died 23 July 1883 at Richmond, Utah.

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"The blacksmiths were James Davenport, 44, a Vermonter who was to cross the plains another half dozen times. Ferrying the gentiles became thriving a business. Although they had their own wagons safely across the North Platte River, the Mormon pioneers still we hard a work "ferrying over the gentiles." Wilford Woodruff said,. The ferry operation was exceedingly popular with non-Mormon emigrant companies and did a booming business from dawn to dark and sometimes beyond. Brigham held a council meeting and named nine men to stay at the Platte River and operate the ferry. Those selected were Thomas Grove, captain; Josh S. Higbee, Luke Joanson, Appleton Harmon, Edmund Ellsworth, Francis M. Pomeroy, William Empey, James Davenport and Benjamine F. Steward.

111 Days to Zion by Hal Knight and R. Stanley B. Kimball

Davenport, James

(11th Ten) Born May 1, 1802, at Danville, Caledonia Co., Vt., to Squire and Susanne Kitridge Davenport.

He learned blacksmithing and after his marriage to Almira Phelps on Sep 4, 1823, set up a shop and farmed as well. They joined the Church shortly after it was organized in 1830. In 1845, they were residents of Nauvoo.

He worked as a blacksmith in the first company. He was among nine men left to operate the upper ferry of the Platte River on June 18, 1847. This group was instructed to ferry the companies across, charge those who could pay.

He traveled on to the Salt Lake Valley and then returned to Winter Quarters for his family. It was almost three years before they could afford to come back to the Salt Lake Valley (1850?).

When her returned, he stayed a short time in Salt Lake City then moved to Grantsville, Tooele Co., Utah. He traveled across the plains twice more to help bring wagon trains of converts.

He later moved to Wellsville, and finally Richmond, in Cache Co., Utah, where he died July 23, 1885, at age 83.

Page 129 Deseret New 1997-98 Church Almanac Copyright Deseret News 1996

There is a document in the Museum in Casper WY written by Brigham Young with James Davenport listed in his hand writing as one to stay and help with the ferry.

He is listed on the "This is the Place" monument in Salt Lake City as being part of the 1st company that came with Brigham Young.

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