Oliver Boardman Huntington

Spouse: Hannah Mendenhall Sanders


  • Date: October 14, 1823
  • Place: Watertown, Jefferson, NY, USA
  • Alternate Date: 1825



  • Date: February 7, 1907
  • Place: Springville, Utah, UT, USA
  • Alternate Date: January 1909
  • Burial Date: February 9, 1907
  • Buried: City Cemetery, Springville, Utah, UT, USA

Marriage Information:

  • Spouse: Neal, Mary Melissa
  • Date: August 17, 1845
  • Place: Cambria, Niagara, NY, USA
  • Alternate Date: 1843


Name: Birthdate: Place:

  1. Huntington, Mary A.
  2. Huntington, (baby)
  3. Huntington, George W.

Marriage Number 2

  • Spouse: Sanders, Hannah Mendenhall
  • Date: November 25, 1852
  • Place: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, USA

Marriage 2 Children:

Name: Birthdate: Place:

1. Huntington, Olive Hannah December 10, 1853 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, USA
2. Huntington, Oliver Baker May 30, 1856 Springville, Utah, UT, USA
3. Huntington, Elizabeth Jane August 31, 1858 Springville, Utah, UT, USA
4. Huntington, Dimick October 15, 1860 Springville, Utah, UT, USA
5. Huntington, Will July 10, 1863 St. George, Washington, UT, USA
6. Huntington, Nellie July 2, 1867 Springville, Utah, UT, USA
7. Huntington, Prescendia February 11, 1871 Springville, Utah, UT, USA
8. Huntington, Rachel Anna January 24, 1874 Springville, Utah, UT, USA
9. Huntington, Zina Baker October 20, 1877 Springville, Utah, UT, USA

Marriage Number 3 Spouse:

  • Stevens, Elvira (divorced) Date: December 3, 1856

Church Ordinance Data:

  1. Baptism Date: October 7, 1836
  2. Baptism Date: 1835 Place: Missouri, USA
  3. Ordained High Priest
  4. Ordained Patriarch

Temple Ordinance Data:

  1. Endowment Date: October 15, 1852
  2. Sealed to Parents Date: August 27, 1951
  3. Sealed to Spouse Number 2 Date: November 25, 1852 Temple: Endowment House in Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  4. Sealed to Spouse Number 1 Date: May 16, 1856

Places of Residence:

  1. Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA
  2. Missouri, USA; 1838
  3. Grantsville, Tooele, UT, USA
  4. Provo, Utah, UT, USA
  5. Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, USA; 1853-1856
  6. Springville, Utah, UT, USA; 1858-1860, 1867-1877
  7. St. George, Washington, UT, USA; 1863


  1. School Teacher Bee Inspector
  2. School Trustee
  3. Farmer and Stockraiser


  1. Oliver came to Utah July 24, 1847 with the Brigham Young Company. (He is not listed in the Church Almanac as part of the company)
  2. He was a missionary to England for two years.
  3. He was the Sunday School Superintendent of Springville.

Comments: #2

  1. Oliver has a journal with a copy located at Brigham Young University.
  2. Oliver was a master mason in Nauvoo in 1844.
  3. He worked on the temple.

Comments: #3

  1. Oliver and Mary Melissa were married by George Fowler.

Comments: #4

From the diary of Oliver Boardman Huntington:

Includes newspaper clippings, account books, poetry.

  1. Detailed account of hostilities in Missouri.
  2. Danites.
  3. To Nauvoo.
  4. Hardships.
  5. Death of Joseph Smith.
  6. Young men "whistled and whittled" unwanted visitors out of town, 1845.
  7. Detailed account of mission to England, 1846.
  8. Homesickness.
  9. Introspection about wife and mission.
  10. On return to United States had difficulty in persuading wife and her parents to go west.
  11. To Utah, 1852.
  12. Settled in Springville.
  13. Domestic quarrels; divorce; remarriages.
  14. Exploration of route to Carson Valley, 1853.
  15. Mission to Indians, 1855.
  16. Exploring expedition with Seth M. Blair, 1856.
  17. To Dixie, 1862. Back to Springville, 1864.
  18. Taught school.
  19. Attempted to introduce Deseret Alphabet.
  20. After 1870s entries mainly recount Church meetings, visits of friends, administrations to the sick, deaths, quarrels and rivalries with Church officials, neighbors, family members.
  21. Portrait of real human being.

Source Reference Red Text is in question or error!

No 886 Kirtland Sept 7th 1836 Blessing by William Huntington (Jr.) upon the head of his son Oliver B. Born Oct 14th 1826 Jefferson, Co New York.

In the name of Jesus Christ who took little children in his arms and blessed them, I lay my hands on thee and bless thee with a father’s blessing; thou art but a child and knowest not the power of Satan and I ask the Lord my Heavenly Father that he will deliver thee from the snares of the .....ter, and jaws of the lion, and from the enemy of thy soul and give thee wisdom and understanding from on high, that thou mayest be as mighty a man as ever twas on the Earth, yea I say unto thee that thou shalt be blest with great blessings, the heart shall be filled with intelligence from Heaven, and thou shalt be called to preach the gospel to this generation, and shall do a great work in the cause of God. Angel’s shall minister unto thee for God has prepared thee for a priest and thou shalt be filled with wisdom and intelligence from Heaven and be able to confound the learned of the priests of this generation and thou shalt be able to exceed the youth of this generation in all wisdom and knowledge and before thou art twenty one thou wilt be called to preach the fullness of the gospel, thou shalt have power with God even to translate thyself to Heaven and preach to the inhabitants of the ... or the jol .. its. If it shall be expedient, if thou art faithful, all these blessings will be given unto thee, and now by the authority of the priesthood I seal thee unto eternal live in the name of Jesus, . . . Amen.

Albert Carrington recorder.

Interview relating to him by Serena Weight--

He was born in Watertown, New York in October of 1823. Hannah Mendenhall Sanders was born in Wilmington, Delaware in April of 1836. In an interview with my great-aunt Iva Weight Walters (90) on July 10, 1994, she told me about my father’s father’s mother’s father Oliver B. Huntington.

He named Hobble Creek down by Springville, Utah. One night he was up in the canyon with some horses. That night before he went to sleep he hobbled his horses so that they couldn’t go very far. While he was sleeping one of his horses wandered into the creek and somehow lost his hobble. After that he named it Hobble Creek. It’s still named that to this day.

Interview with Iva Waters

He was a body guard to Joseph Smith Jr. in Nauvoo. He and his father, William Huntington Jr.. are mentioned in the History of the Church by Joseph Smith. (P3)

"Monday, April 10,1843,--at 10 a.m. a special conference of elders convened and continued by adjournment from time to time till the 12th. There were present of the quorum of the Twelve, Brigham Young, president; Heber C. Kimball, William Smith, Orson Hyde, Orson Pratt, Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, George A. Smith, and Willard Richards. (P4) The object of the conference was to ordain elders and send them forth into the vineyard to build up churches; and the following appointments were made, with united voices by the conference, agreeable to requests which were made by individuals who were acquainted with the several places which they represented: (p5) names and appointments of Elders. (P8) Charles Ryan, Jacob E. Terry . . . Oliver B. Huntington . . . were ordained elders, with this express injunction, that they quit the use of tobacco and keep the Word of Wisdom (LDSHIST 5:18, A Great Missionary Movement...349, 8p4.

Sunday, 18--While our suit was going forward General Wilson gave the following permit, in Daviess County: (p5) permit (p6) I permit the following persons, as a committee on the part of the Mormons, to pass and repass in and through the county of Daviess during the winter, to wit: William Huntington, John Reed, Benjamin S. Wilber, Mayhew Hillman, Z. Wilson, E.B. Gaylord, Henry Harriman, Daniel Stanton, Oliver Snow, William Ear, Jonathan H. Hale, Henry Humphrey--upon all lawful business. R. Wilson, Brig, Gen. Commanding. By R. F. G. Cocknu, Aid.

November 18, 1838 (p7) (LDSHIST3;14 Rivalry Among Militia Generals for Possession of Poisoners 210, 4) thru (LDSHIST3:14 Rivalry Among Militia Generals for Possession of Prisoners 210, 7) from the LDSL CD-ROM LIBRARY)

William Huntington Jr. died on the way to Utah.

Keep Sakes in Picture Frame

Autobiography of Oliver B. Huntington (1823-1909) as found at the BYU library.


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