Mary Talley (Holden)

Spouse: Joshua Holden

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  • Date: January 7, 1803
  • Place: Lincoln County, TN, USA
  • Alternate Date: January 7, 1802


  • Father: Talley, George Washington
  • Mother: McDonald, Lucy


  • Date: April 5, 1851
  • Place: Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA, USA

Marriage Information:

  • Spouse: Holden, Joshua
  • Date: September 23, 1819


Name: Birthdate: Place:

  1. Holden, Althana Angeline December 9, 1839 Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA
  2. Holden, Darius B. 1841 Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA
  3. Holden, Rebecca November 13, 1843 Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA

Temple Ordinance Data:

  • Baptism Date: November 14, 1949
  • Baptism Date: October 7, 1981
  • Endowment Date: January 31, 1846 Temple: Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA
  • Endowment Date: May 10, 1950
  • Sealed to Spouse Date: November 1, 1855 Temple: Endowment House, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • Sealed to Spouse Date: May 10, 1952 Temple: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, USA

Mary Talley who was Irish, and her father was Joshua Holden, who was English. They resided in Nauvoo, Illinois in 1844 and according to family history, lived a few blocks from the Prophet Joseph Smith.


(Joshua Holden)

  • Born: January 2, 1802
  • Place: Of Lincoln County, Tennessee
  • Married: September 23, 1819
  • Place:
  • Died: April 5, 1851
  • Place: Council Bluff (Bluff Branch, Pottawattamie)
  • Baptized:
  • Did not arrive in the Salt Lake Valley-Died at Council Bluffs


  • Wiley Hines Holden June 23, 1820 Lincoln County, Tennessee
  • George Richmond Holden Oct 8, 1821 Wayne, Tennessee
  • James H. Holden Feb 6, 1823 Wayne, Tennessee
  • Hulda Mariah Holden Sep 29, 1824 Waynesboro, Wayne, Tennessee
  • William Riley Holden Sep 22, 1826 Waynesboro, Wayne, Tennessee
  • John R. Holden Jul 1, 1828 Wayne, Tennessee.
  • Joshua E. Holden Mar 11, 1830 Wayne, Tennessee
  • Richard Holden Oct 8, 1831 Tennessee.
  • Elizabeth Jane Holden Dec 23, 1833 Tennessee
  • Jeptha Vinan Holden Oct 17, 1835 Tennessee
  • Mary Ann Holden* Jul 26, 1837 Carrolsville, Hardin, Tennessee
  • Althana Angeline Holden Dec 9, 1839 Pope, Illinois
  • Darus B. Holden Jan 1842 Illinois
  • Rebecca Holden Nov 13, 1843 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
  • Child Holden May 27, 1846 Nauvoo, Hancock, Ill.

(Taken from Joshua Holden History)

Pope and Massac Counties lie at the extreme southern tip of Illinois, Just across the Ohio River from Kentucky. If family traditions are substantiated, Joshua and his family had moved to Pope County from Wayne County Tennessee, just a year or two before he joined the L.D.S. Church.

1819 23 Sep Joshua Holden marries Mary Talley, daughter of George Talley and Lucy McDaniel (variant McDonald, etc.)

Family records show the name to be McDonald. Mecklenburg County, Virginia bonds show the marriage of a George Talley to Lucy McDaniel in 1787. A contemporary marriage in the same place is that of a man named Grief Talley. It is known that our George Talley and Lucy, his wife, named a son Grief. The likelihood of this being our family is obvious.

1820 23 June Wiley Hines Holden, a son, born to Joshua and Mary in Lincoln County, Tennessee. (Lincoln County borders Franklin County on the west).

1821 8 Oct George Richmond Holden was born to Joshua and Mary.

1823 6 Feb James H. Holden born to Joshua and Mary.

1824 29 Sep Hulda Maria Holden, first daughter, born to Joshua and Mary, in Wayne County, Tennessee, some 60 miles due west of Lincoln county.

1826 22 Sep William Riley Holden born to Joshua and Mary at Waynesboro, Wayne County, Tennessee.

1828 1 July John R. Holden born to Joshua and Mary, Wayne Co. Tennessee

1830 11 Mar Joshua E. Holden born to Joshua and Mary. No further record.

1831 8 Oct. Richard Holden born to Joshua and Mary. No further record.

1833 23 Dec Elizabeth Jane Holden, second daughter born to Joshua and Mary.

1835 17 Oct Jeptha Vinan Holden, the eighth son, born to Joshua and Mary.

1837 26 July Mary Ann Holden, third daughter, born to Joshua and Mary in Wayne County, Tennessee. In the Thurber Ward, Wayne County, Wayne Stake, Utah records it is given as Carrolsville, Hardin, Tennessee

1840 23 Mar. Joshua Holden, residing in Pope County, Illinois, becomes a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, being baptized by George P. Dykes, and on the same day, is ordained an Elder in the Church.

1842 Joshua and family move from Pope County, in southern Illinois, to Nauvoo, on the Mississippi river. Family tradition is that they lived just few houses from the Prophet Joseph Smith. Mary Ann, Joshua's daughter has told, that as a child, she sat upon the Prophet Joseph's lap.

1842 Jan Darius Holden is born (It is not known if this is a son of Joshua and Mary, research may prove it isn't.)

1843 Feb 14-21 Althana Angeline Holden, Joshua's and Mary's three year old baby dies at Nauvoo, of jaundice. (Reference The Wasp, 22 February 1843)

1842 28 Aug. Darius Holden dies "the week end of 28 August 1843 at Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, age 1 year, 7 months." (30 August 1843 Nauvoo Neighbor). There are other Holden families living in or near Nauvoo at this time, but since we know there were other children born to Joshua and Mary, we should preserve this record for further study.

1843 13 Nov A child born to Joshua and Mary. (Is this Rebecca?)

1845 12 May Jepha Vinan Holden son of Joshua and Mary dies at Nauvoo of "lung fever" age 9 years (reference Nauvoo Neighbor 14 May 1845)

1845 April 22-29 James Holden "of Iowa", 22 year-old son of Joshua dies of "winter fever" in Nauvoo, likely at the home of his parents. He had probably been working or living across the river in Iowa. It is not know if he was married. (Nauvoo Neighbor 30 April 1845).

1845, 5 Sept Hulda Maria Holden, Joshua's eldest daughter, marries in Nauvoo, Illinois, James Harvey Heath of Louisiana.

1846 31 Jan Joshua and Mary go to the Nauvoo Temple where they receive their Endowments.

1846 1 Apr Joshua and family, including daughter Hulda and her husband Harvey Heath, abandon their homes in Nauvoo, cross the Mississippi River "in Father Holden's wagon" and set up temporary camps in Bonaparte, Van Buren county, Iowa, on the Des Moines River. William Riley says: "On April 1st 1946 I traveled to Davis County Iowa" (from Nauvoo. After sending the team and wagon back to Nauvoo for Wiley Holden and his wife Abigail and children Mary, age 6 and Joshua, age 4 , and possibly others, the family spends the summer in Van Buren or in adjoining Davis County, Iowa.

(Handwriting of Mary Chidester, daughter of Julda Heath Chidester): "In April 46 we crossed the river in Father Holden's wagon, and moved over to Boney Parts Iowa, and stopped there and the team returned, Father Holden myself moved on, not far from Burlington Davis Co. Iowa and stopped there and" (ends abruptly here. If they did go to Burlington from Bonaparte, they back traced about 30 miles, since Burlington is back on the Mississippi and is not in Davis County. Davis County is West of Bonaparte

1846, 27 May Joshua and Mary become parents of a child, name and sex not preserved in family record.

1846 18 Nov Joshua's son William Riley Holden, age 20, marries Miss Elizabeth Gustin, in Davis County, Iowa. Soon afterward they set out for Council Bluffs.

1846-7 Winter It appears likely that Joshua and Mary and the younger children also went to the Bluffs to spend the winter. James Harvey Heath records that he and Hulda spent about a year at the Bluffs, after leaving Nauvoo in April 1846, and staying awhile in Bonaparte, Van Buren County, Iowa.

1847 4 June Willima Riley Holden and bride, Elizabeth's father Thomas Gustin and family. The rest of Joshua's family seems to have remained near Council Bluffs, in Pottawattamie County, Iowa until 1851 or1852.

1850 27 Nov Joshua Holden age 50, and family appear in census of Pottawattamie County, Iowa. Wife Mary claims to be 40, Elizabeth 18, and Mary 13.

1851 5 Apr Joshua's wife for 32 years, Mary Talley Holden dies, and her obituary appears in the Frontier Guardian, 18 Apr. 1851 published at Kanesville, Iowa:


"At Bluff Branch in this county (Pottawattamie) on Saturday the 5th inst. Mary Holden, wife of Joshua Holden, of inflammation of the head, aged 49 years"

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