David Cook

Spouse: Mary Ann Holden

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Brief Life Sketch of David Cook and Wife, Mary Ann Holden

David Cook, son of Daniel Cook and Mary Maria Fuller, immigrated to Utah from Canada. He was English by birth.

Mary Ann Holden was the daughter of Joshua Holden and Mary Talley. She was Irish by descent.

She came to Utah in 1852 with the John T. Chafe Company. She married David Cook December 15, 1852.

David Cook may have come to Utah about that time as they were married the same year she immigrated.

David Cook was 24 years old, and Mary Ann Holden was 15 when they were married, but would have been 16 in July. The family say that they were married in Provo. They went to Nephi to live.

David Cook was blind for 25 years before he died. He was getting timber from the mountains one winter, and the snow was so bright on his weak eyes then and from that time on he could not see very much; but I never in my life have seen a man as blind as he was and yet accomplished so much. I was a small girl, but I remember his work shed in Thurber. He was always out there working on things. He had tombstones there which he made. He made furniture and wagon wheels, wheel barrows, churns, cupboards, beds, tables, chairs, flour bins, a cupboard for ornaments and books, and yet so blind that he had to take his walking cane to feel the way to his work shed and back.

Now that I am older and look back on his great faith, I can't help but believe that he depended on the Lord for help in all he did.

When I was about 10 years old, I and my girl friends used to watch him dig his well. He made a pulley of a long stout rope and made his ladder and would go up and down and unload the buckets of dirt.

He dug about 50 feet before he found water. I will always remember how happy he was that day. He could have let someone do that work, but no, he said he wanted to have something to do, and the workmanship was as good as any person could have done.

During that time he could not see what was on his plate to eat or where his cup was only by feeling, so it was like a miracle the things he accomplished.

The home my father gave them in Lyman was furnished completely with the furniture he had made. He was a man of deep faith and dauntless purpose, his disposition was calm and serene. Perhaps his meekness of spirit was partly caused from being under his affliction. The inspiration of the angels must have been always near him, for he was a great hand to say what would come to pass.

One day my sister, Francetta, went into his work shed to tell him that Aunt Mary Stringham was dead. Before she could tell him, he told her of it himself, as it had been made known to him by the Spirit. (Mary Stringham was not Aunt to him, but she was called Aunt by all who knew her.) Being blind like he was and almost deaf, too, made it necessary to meditate by himself and for the edification of his family, he fore told the coming forth of a marvelous instrument that would broad cast lectures and concerts. It was the radio he meant. This was thirty years prior to the radio.

He also would tell us what kind of weather to expect on certain dates. He obeyed the promptings of the Holy Ghost and received much comfort from it; telling things to us made his spirit happy and free. I never saw him angry, and no one knew of him to be disturbed by anything. I think he lived as perfect as anyone could.

In his blessing from Patriarch Blackburn, it was given that he himself and my grandfather would not taste death, and it came true. The Patriarch and grandfather were well when they went to bed, and each passed away in the night when their time came.

His other characteristics were never to speak ill of anyone and always forgiving, full of patience and courage. He lived with my parents after grand mother died, and he loved mother.

She was so kind and thoughtful of him; she always placed his food on his plate before it was passed to anyone else. A great spirit was gone when he passed away Jan. 21, 1911.

by Geneva Cook ??


Born at Delta, Utah.

Baptized 5 Nov. 1868.

Endowed 15 Mar. 1877. Sealed to husband the same time.

Their Children:

  1. Joshua Byron Cook, born 27 Mar. 1878 at Washington, Washington County, Utah. Died 2 Jan. 1910 at Delta, Utah. Md. Minnie Nor ton 27 Sept. 1900. Endowed 27 Sept. 1900. Sealed to wife 27 Sept. 1900 in Manti Temple.
  2. Ellen Lorena Cook, born 2 Dec. 1879 at Washington, Washington County, Utah. Died 27 Feb. 1917. Married James Arzo Forsyth 7 Jan. 1897. Endowed and sealed to husband 7 Jan. 1897.
  3. Lenora Bell Cook, born 3 Mar. 1882 at Thurber, Wayne County, Utah. Married. 27 Nov. 1902. Endowed 27 Nov. 1902. Sealed to husband the same day in the Manti Temple. Bap. 3 July 1890.
  4. Mary Francetta Cook, born 2 Oct. 1884 at Thurber, Wayne County, Utah. Married 14 Dec. 1904 to Benjamin Franklin Sampson in the Manti Temple. Endowed 14 Dec. 1904. Bap. 7 Oct. 1892.
  5. Polly Elizabeth Cook, born 1 July 1886 at Hooperville Weber County, Utah. Died 6 Feb. 1888.
  6. Betsy Luceen Cook, born 18 Apr. 1888 at Thurber, Utah. Married 20 Dec. 1905 to William Sanders Jenkins. Baptised 3 Sept. 1896. Endowed 20 Dec. 1905. Sealed to husband the same day in the Manti Temple.
  7. David William Cook, born 19 Apr. 1890 at Thurber, Wayne County, Utah. Married. Jennie Gray. Baptised July 19~. Died 3 ~ I a
  8. Elsie Geneva Cook, born 15 Feb. 1892 at Thurber, Wayne County,Utah. Baptised. 3 June 1900. Endowed. 1 May 1919 in Salt Lake Temple. Married Leslie Doyle Pace 20 July 1911 at Fillmore, Utah.
  9. Heber James Cook, born 10 Mar. 1894 at Thurber, Wayne County, Utah. Baptised 5 Oct. 1902. Endowed. 19 May 1920. Married. 22 Dec. 1917 to Jetta Bunker. Sealed to Jetta Bunker 19 May 1920
  10. Jerome Cook, born 7 Feb. 1896 at Thurber, Utah. Married. Emly Glena Riding 1 May 1919 and sealed to Emly Glena Riding the same time in Salt Lake City Temple. Bap...........
  11. Florence Atella Cook, born 12 Nov. 1897 at Lyman, Utah. Endowed 7 June 1917 and married and sealed to husband the same day in the temple. Married John Conelius Workman.
  12. Olive May Cook, born 7 Feb. 1900 at Lyman, Utah. Married John August Miller 7 Aug. 191~.
  13. Ardella Cook, born 22 July 1902 at Lyman, Utah. Married. Lionel Hale Riding 8 Sept. 1922.

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