Ann Roberts (Griffiths)

Spouse: Joseph Griffiths


  • Date: April 18, 1819
  • Place: Llangan, Glamorgan, WALES

Marriage Information:

  • Spouse: Griffith (Griffiths), Joseph

Temple Ordinance Data:

  • Endowment Date: February 2, 1846 Temple: Nauvoo, Hancock, IL, USA

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Tribute to the Memory of the Grandmother of Mary Ann Ball

Ann Roberts Griffiths, born at Loangloden Denigh Wales, 29 April 1819. She married Joseph Griffiths. She died December 26, 1895 at Union, Utah.

Sister Griffith embraced the truth in her native land, the only one in the family who obeyed the Gospel. She made many sacrifices for the Gospel’s sake, one of which was in tearing herself from a loving mother who fainted when her daughter bade her good bye to cast her lot with the people of God. Sister Griffith always wept when she related this sad parting.

She was the mother of fifteen children, among them were 5 pairs of twins. She held the marriage covenant with her husband sacred. Her devoted sons were always her dearest companions. After her family had grown up she devoted her life to the care of the sick, night and day, without money and without price, sacrificing her own comfort continually for the good of others, a mere kind and loving hand never soothed the aching head than the hand of sister Griffith.

One of the most beautiful traits of her character was her love for little children; they would flick around her and she would always have time to speak to them in her kind loving way. Many were the tears shed by the little ones when she was called to leave them. Her love was great for her sisters in the Relief Society, she held the office of Counselor to Sister Elizabeth Richards, they were united in love. She dearly loved and cherished the counsels of our beloved Sister Eliza R. Snow. When at the Temple a year before her death, Sister Zina E. Young placed her arms around her and blessed her; she testified it was as an angel’s blessing, more than gold to her. The writer feels to exclaim:

Little deed of kindness

Little words of love

Makes our earth an Eden,

Like the Heaven above.

Sister Griffith loved the Gospel, was acquainted with the prophet Joseph Smith, and testified of the great power that he possessed; she saw the dead bodies of the Prophet and his brother Hyrum, after they were martyred for the truth, and often spoke of the universal sadness which prevailed at that time. She was driven from her home in Nauvoo and shared in the hardships and persecutions of the Saints at that time. She was driven from her home in Nauvoo, and shared in the hardships and persecutions of the Saints at that time she endured to the end and has gone to meet her loved ones, who are many.

Oh, what could be more valuable

Than treasures laid in Heaven

Where moth and rust cannot corrupt

And thieves not place are given.

The precious gold, the diamond rare,

On earth their homage claiming

Yet with eternal endless life

Compared, they’re not worth naming.


What are these treasurers, rich and rare

Which gold can never purchase?

It is the acts of mortal life

the fruits and Ernest workers.

To cool the fevered, aching brow

To cheer the heart of sorrow

Unselfish in the smallest act

Nor think not of tomorrow.


To live a life of sacrifice

That’s full of love and sweetness;

Be firm to every covenant made

seek charity and meekness.

Sweet Ann these treasurers rich and rare,

To you by God are given

A crown of glory awaits you there

Eternal life in heaven.

by Mary Ann Ball


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