Elizabeth Griffiths (Walker)

Spouse: James Craig Walker

Life sketch of my mother Elizabeth Griffiths Walker

Written by Mary Ann Walker Ball

My mother was born 25th July 1843. Nauvoo, Hancock Co. Illinois. Her mother packed her in her arms when she was one year old to see the martyred Prophet Joseph and Hyrum Smith when they were lying in state. She was brought by her parents to Utah with the Pioneers, and settled in Union Fort. Her parents were Joseph Griffiths and Ann Roberts, she was the first born of a family of fifteen children. In her seventeenth year her father died leaving her mother a widow.

She was married to James Craig Walker 1st January 1860. Her first child was born 6 Dec 1860. Her husband was a miller by trade moving to City Creek Canyon to run the Sudley Mill owned by Brigham Young, living for a short time in Salt Lake City two doors west of Salt Lake Theater, moving again to the State road, then to James R. Miller’s flour mill. The ward called Mill Creek Ward.

My mother, by this time, was the mother of seven children. She was in her twenty-ninth year. The seventh child was born 6th April 1871. The country being new and lack of skillful help, she died in ten days after the birth of the child of blood poisoning, leaving her husband and seven children, the baby lived three months and died.

The dreadful condition was too sad to describe, times were hard, conditions poor. The sweet soul was dressed in the best they had--not silk and satin but clean and white, dressed in the Temple Robes, laid in the casket and placed in a wagon, the journey to the cemetery was four miles, the funeral stopped at the little adobe meeting house in Union Fort, services were held, one song that was sung or hymn was "Sweet Rest in Heaven".

Elisabeth, or Betsy as she was called for short, was of medium height and weight, brown hair, blue eyes, of a mild sweet disposition, patient and loving to her little flock charged to her care. She was gifted in the art of sewing, her character was above reproach. Born in the Church of Jesus Christ, she had great faith, received her endowments in the endowment house Salt Lake City and was sealed to her husband 5th April 1862. She gave her life for her loved ones, and her reward is sure with the faithful Saints of her Heavenly Father.

Sacred to the memory of a loving mother, Mary Ann W. Ball, Lewisville, Idaho, October 28, 1932.

(Written by Mary Ann Walker Ball)

At the time of my birth (Mary Ann Walker) doctors were scarce. My uncle, then just a lad, was sent to Salt Lake City a distance of 12 miles for a doctor. It would take four hours with a slow team to make the trip there and back. The doctor said he could not go. My uncle began to cry and said, "Do come doctor, my sister is dying." The Doctor said to his wife, "get my things ready I will have to go with the lad." With skillful help my life and the life of my mother were spared.

My mother, Elisabeth Griffiths, was the daughter of Joseph Griffiths and Ann Roberts who emigrated from England. My mother was born July 25, 1843 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois. She was the first born of 15 children. Among them were 5 pairs of twins.

The saddest trial of my life happened while we were living there (Miller’s mill--the Ward called South Cottonwood), my dear mother gave birth to her seventh child and for the lack of skillful help she died in ten days after the birth of the child of blood poisoning. Just before my mother died she called me to her and said, "Be a good girl," and kissed me. Those dying words have always prompted me to try to do right. She died at seven o’clock in the morning.

The sweet soul was dressed in the best they had--not in silk or satin but clean and white in the temple robe which was made of linen. She was laid in a casket and placed in a wagon box. The journey to the cemetery was four miles. We stopped at Union Fort and held the funeral. One hymn I remember was "Sweet Rest in Heaven."

She was taken to the Union graveyard and was buried there.

The little infant lived three months and died.

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